Below are examples of silks we've done, they are not for sale.  These are just to give you an idea of things that can be done and what different colors look like together.

Aerodynamic silks are made from 4 way stretch nylon lycra.  The aerodynamic silks are by far the most popular style as they are very comfortable and have the most color choices.


 If you'd like pricing on a custom design please email us the design in either a PDF or JPEG format.  For the most accurate quote we need to know the following:

  • Do you need a helmet cover?
  • Would you like the design on one side or both sides?  In New York it must be on both sides, everywhere else it's up to you.
  • Do you want a design on the sleeves and/or helmet cover?

The more information you give the easier it is to get you an accurate quote.

Please note that helmet covers are not always necessary, some tracks use their own to correspond to the post position

Aerodynamic Silks

Aerodynamic Silks start at

$120.00 without a helmet cover

$140.00 with a helmet cover

-designs are added to this base price.  

The interactive design tool above (silk selector) comes pre-populated with color and design choices, therefor some of the colors are going to vary from what we have in stock.  The silk selector is here to help you get a basic idea of what certain designs and colors will look like, but it is not exact.  You may add lettering to your silks, just not using this program.  Please note, there is no "save" function.  Designs need to be saved as a PDF or screenshot on your computer to save it.

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