The first step to placing an order is to send us the information below to get a quote.  

The preferred method of placing an order is via email so that everything is clear.

Be sure and look at the colors that we have available in whichever style you'd like.  There are several shades available in most colors so you need to indicate which one you'd like. 

For example, if you indicate "orange" we will assume you'd like "orange" when there is also "dark orange" and "neon orange"

Once we have given you a quote and you are ready to place your order we just need your credit card billing address and your shipping address, if different, and we will email you an invoice that you can pay securely online.  

To get a quote please fill out the Silks Description by clicking the image below or include the following information via email:

  • Style: Aerodynamic or Traditional Taffeta
  • Body color
  • Body design and design color (do you want the design on 1 or both sides?)
  • Collar color
  • Sleeve color
  • Sleeve design and design color
  • Cuff color
  • Helmet Cover color
  • Visor color​

*If you have a logo please send it in either a PDF or Jpeg format

*If you'd like lettering please indicate what font you'd like

​​*If you have old silks that you'd like replicated you may also email a picture of the silks.

Please click the Silk Description below to open a printable form.  Your design can be sketched in color or just a simple sketch will do.  It just helps us to see what you have in mind.

After the form is filled out you may scan or take a picture with your phone to send via email 

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